Green Resort

Objectives | Sustainability | Mission

Objectives of Moana Surf Resort

Apply continuously comprehensive environmental and social management practices for a sustainable Moana Surf Resort. Raise consciousness and train Moana’s team in regards to sustainable development and empowering the team to be an integral part of this sustainability plan. Offer a high-quality wellness holiday, service and amenities to our guests. Invite them to participate in the direct actions of Moana by supporting and protecting the natural resources of the area. Implement measures to save water and energy, and to reduce pollution.

Sustainability Policy

Success depends to a large extent on the well-being of the natural and social environment. For this reason, it is necessary for it to be paired with a management policy based on sustainability criteria, in order to guarantee the long-term permanence of Moana and the protection of the natural and social environment.


To be recognized as a distinguished surf resort by its welcome and friendly atmosphere, its customer service, comfort, cleanliness, personalized attention and commitment to sustainable tourism.


Provide our guests with a high quality wellness holiday that consists of surfing, nature, amenities and boutique accommodation with every detail of our guest’s comfort and rest in mind, all in a warm and friendly environment that is based on personalized service and efficient teamwork that is focused on the organization, the customer, nature and the local community.


We support local projects that promote the sustainable development of the community.

Our team: we hire and train 100% of our staff from the surrounding area.

We include native plants that provide food and shelter for the local animal population in our garden design.

We use environmentally friendly and organic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

We recycle 80% of the hotel’s waste.

We compost raw food waste from our kitchen and Juice Bar to make organic fertilizer for our gardens.

Organic & biodegradable locally-made toiletries specially formulated for Moana.

Furnishing all units with energy efficient appliances and fixtures.

Providing “Eco points” at the resort with recycle bins to sort the waste.

Promoting a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle through our surfing program and through the activities at Moana Kalma Studio.