Moana Live SurfCam  

Local Time 03:47 PM

Sun 25 Feb


Low -0.08ft. 04:03 AM

High 5.34ft. 10:15 AM

Low 0.15ft. 04:21 PM

High 6.15ft. 10:45 PM


3-4ft. 17s 03:00 AM

2-4ft. 16s 09:00 AM

2-4ft. 16s 03:00 PM

3-5ft. 15s 09:00 PM

Mon 26 Feb


Low -0.21ft. 05:13 AM

High 5.53ft. 11:27 AM

Low 0.01ft. 05:34 PM

High 6.32ft. 11:53 PM


3-5ft. 15s 03:00 AM

3-4ft. 14s 09:00 AM

3-4ft. 14s 03:00 PM

3-4ft. 18s 09:00 PM

Tue 27 Feb


Low -0.52ft. 06:19 AM

High 5.91ft. 12:33 PM

Low -0.31ft. 06:40 PM


3-4ft. 18s 03:00 AM

2-4ft. 13s 09:00 AM

2-4ft. 17s 03:00 PM

2-3ft. 17s 09:00 PM

Wed 28 Feb


High 6.6ft. 12:56 AM

Low -0.89ft. 07:17 AM

High 6.38ft. 01:31 PM

Low -0.7ft. 07:39 PM


2-3ft. 16s 03:00 AM

2-4ft. 16s 09:00 AM

3-4ft. 15s 03:00 PM

3-4ft. 15s 09:00 PM

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